Fifty Best Zurich Restaurants
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A guide to the best restaurants in Zürich . . .
for those with epicurean taste.

"Fifty" is the key word in evaluating, with the help of designated eaters, unbiased surveys and professional opinions-- which restaurants are finally chosen for the year to be in this distinguished list of fifty.

These five criteria must be met to qualify as one of
"Zürich's Fifty Best Restaurants":

1. To have a proprietor and a chef who have earned a reputation for stability and excellence for at least the past five years.

2. Serve consistently outstanding cuisine.

3. The staff must be courteous, knowledgeable and attentive.

4. The decor must be attractive; the ambience pleasing.

5. The wine list must have the breadth and depth to complement the cuisine.

The restaurants in this list are those which would be a great restaurant in any international city. Proscht, and bon appétit.

The Fifty Best Zürich Restaurants

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