Fifty Best Single Malt Scotch
  Region: Highland  

Aberfeldy 21

Aberfeldy 21

Nose: Fresh and fragrant, with subtle notes of vanilla, sweet oak, some tannin and a light smokiness.
Palate: Flavorful, with lively oaky notes, loads of salty caramel, bit of licorice.
Finish: Nicely dry, a bit spicy, medium length and warming.


  Region: Highland  

Brora 30

30 year old, Cask Strength

Nose: Lots of peat, new leather, fruity, oaky and musty.
Palate: Pepper, dried fruits, peat, sweet notes hints of ripe bananas, some grassiness, salty.
Finish: Beautifully balanced, long and flavorful, typically coastal, floral, peat, marzipan, leather, licorice and oak.


  Region: Highland  

The Dalmore 21

Nose: Fresh, rich and complex, sherry, smoke, with aromas of dried apricots, peaches and nutmeg.
Palate: Sweet and malty, berries, chocolate and caramel.
Finish: Long, rich and balanced, smoky, fruity, some caramel.

The Dalmore 21


  Region: Highland  

The Dalmore 28 Stillman's Dram

The Dalmore 28
Stillman's Dram

Nose: Caramel, brittle, spices.
Palate: Dried fruits, caramel, mint, pepper and spices.
Finish: Long, woody and spicy, tannins, dried fruit.


  Region: Highland  

1990 Distillers Edition

Nose: Raisins and dried fruits, honey and heather.
Palate: Rich and sweet, dried fruit, touch of malt, orange marmalade and lots of honey.
Finish: Long, rich, anise.

Dalwhinnie Distillers Edition


  Region: Highland  

Glengoyne Scottish Oak

15 year old, Scottish Oak

Nose: Sweet oak, smoky, toffee, cocoa, flowery notes.
Palate: Malty, sweet, dried fruits, vanilla cream, caramel, oranges.
Finish: Lingering, dry, some spice, caramel, fudge, pine needles, flavorful.


  Region: Highland  

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

Quinta Ruban (Port finish)

Nose: Chocolate and sweet orange, caramel, blackcurrants, raspberries and pears.
Palate: Sweet, lush raspberries, milk chocolate, slightly peppery.
Finish: Lingering, rich flavors, oak, chocolate, warm and elegant.


  Region: Highland  

Nectar D’Òr
15 year old, Sauternes Wood Finish

Nose: Fresh, ripe apricots, buttery, caramel, fruity, hints of oak, spices, a faint maltiness.
Palate: Oaky, apricot jam, honey, green tea, pepper and spices.
Finish: Long, sweet, fruity and spicy.

Glenmorangie Sauternes Wood



  Region: Highland  

13 year old, Signatory

Nose: Sweet, honey, woody, some brine.
Palate: Slightly oily, honey, lots of oak, sweet malt.
Finish: Medium length, toasted oak, coconut, toffee.

Glenturret Signatory



  Region: Highland  
Oban 14


Oban 14

Nose: Sweet and fruity, sea-salt, peaty smoke.
Palate: Full and rich, dried figs, honey, spices, malt, smokey with a trace of peat.
Finish: Long, oak-wood sweet, salty, some peat and smoke.


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