Fifty Best Single Malt Scotch
  Region: Lowland  

16 year old, Limited Edition

Nose: Soft essence of vanilla, touch of honeyed caramel, some bourbon-like oak.
Palate: Perfectly smooth, woody, with hints of creamy vanilla, and a hint of tangerine.
Finish: Rich, medium length, vanilla, citrus and almond, some caramel.

Auchentoshan 16


  Region: Lowland  
Glenkinchie 1987

Glenkinchie 1987
Cask Strength, 19 year old

Nose: Fruity, buttery caramel, honey, ripe apricots, hints of oak, spices and a touch of malt.
Palate: Oaky, honey, apricot jam, pepper, and green tea.
Finish: Long and sweet, fruity and spicy.


  Region: Lowland  
Inverleven Duncan Taylor


Inverleven Duncan Taylor
28 year old, cask strength
Rarest of the Rare

Nose: Floral, fudge brownies, floral, chocolate.
Palate: A mouthful, complex.
Finish: Big and long, sweet, malt.


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