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  Country: United States  
  Style: Tripel  

Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious
Pleasantville, New York

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company wants to be the Empire State’s beer of choice. Especially since their products are not available outside of New York State. To produce the Golden Delicious, Captain Lawrence takes their popular Xtra Gold and ages it in apple brandy barrels from one of the country’s oldest distillers. The Xtra Gold is a hoppy American-style Tripel, which uses all American Amarillo hops with a Belgian yeast strain. The hop bite is present up front, with at least 10% ABV, if not higher due to barrel aging. Flavors of whisky and brandy abound, infused with apple pie and hops. There are some oak and vanilla notes on the back end, along with a very long, warming finish reminiscent of brandy.

Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious


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