Fifty Best Beers
  Country: Belgium  
  Style: Gueuze  

Brouwerij Fonteinen Oude Geuze
Beersel, Belgium

The Brouwerij Fonteinen uses a blend of one, two and three year old lambics to make Oude Geuze. At 6% ABV, this unfiltered unpasteurized ale is aged in the bottle for at least a year. Refermentation takes place in the bottle giving this ale a rather spritzy head. The base is 60% barley malt and 40% unmalted wheat. Wild yeast works spontaneously to ferment the bright and tart pinkish looking liquid. Aromas of leather, grapes, berries and melon rind come off tasting quite sour before fading to a dry, invigorating end.

Brouwerij Fonteinen Oude Geuze


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