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  Country: United States  
  Style: Traditional Ale  

Hair of the Dog Adam
Portland, Oregon

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company is a small brewing outfit producing unusual beers using traditional craft brewing techniques. The Adam is the brewery’s first beer. It is a re-creation of an “Adambier”, a style of altbier brewed in Dusseldorf which uses top-fermenting ale yeast. The Adam is much like stock ale—, very malty and extremely high in alcohol— great for aging in the cellar. Made with northwest hop varieties, organic pilsner malt, and a collection of specialty grains. A very thick brown, almost black color with an off-white head. Aromas of leather and chocolate abound. The flavor is of the dark fruit variety— figs, black cherries, and raisins. Slight smoke lingers on the back end. Adam is sweet and warm with its 10% ABV.

Hair of the Dog Adam


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