Fifty Best Beers
  Country: Germany  
  Style: Rauchbier  

Schlenkerla Urbock
Bamberg, Germany

Schlenkerla is a historic brewpub where on any given night you can come in and have a glass of “Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier,” or “Authentic Schlenkerla Smoked Beer.” One can observe the Dominikanerklause, a famous gothic ceiling in the tavern while tasting the famous smoked beer styles of Germany. Smoked German malts impart aromas of burnt wood, cured meats, campfires and toffee— reminiscent of walking into a local charcuterie shop of smoked meats. Dark-brown, almost cola-like lager style with a thin beige head, the Urbock is more subtle then most other smoked beers, finishing sweet and tangy. This beer would pair outstandingly well with most cuts of meats, barbecue, and aged cheeses, in addition to smoked fish and all sorts of smoked food products where the flavors are accentuated.

Schlenkerla Urbock


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