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  Country: Belgium  
  Style: Lambic  

Cantillon Blabaer Lambik
Brussels, Belgium

Brasserie Cantillon is a lambic producer where Old School traditions prevail and the production style of their ales have not changed since 1900. This is a blueberry lambic brewed in conjunction with Olbutikken in Copenhagen, Denmark, (the Danish counterparts supply the blueberries). Blabaer is light golden in color with tints of violet and shades of light purple. The tart flavor from the blueberry skins tastes as if picked fresh off the bush. 2005 was the first ever release of this ale, which contains over 200 lbs of blueberries per 100 gallon of beer. The sour qualities will increase with age.

Cantillon Blabaer Lambik


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