Fifty Best Cheese

Cheese has been enjoyed for hundreds of years, but only recently has there been a resurgence, enhanced by new artisanal cheese producers from all over the world.

Here are the fifty best cheese classics and newcomers, listed alphabetically from 9 different countries.


  Country: England  

English Farmhouse Cheddar
Somerset, England

A salvaged classic. Cheddar was almost relegated to supermarket shelves-- bland and plastic wrapped. Sure, some great cheddars were being made in small Vermont creameries, but what about real farmstead cheddar? Well, here it is. In the west country of England, an EU protection has been granted to the original cheddar. It's rather different from the usual shrink-wrapped variety. Meaty and salty with a faint sulphur note, this is like the bacon and eggs of cheese. Try examples from Keen's, particularly those aged by Neal's Yard.

English Farmhouse Cheddar


  Country: England  


Nottinghamshire, England
Made by Collingthwaite Farm

Real Stilton returns! Stilton is the great name-protected blue of Britain, and well deserving of its fame. However, Stilton made the old way, with raw milk, pint starter, and animal rennet had pretty much vanished-- until now. Neal's Yard Dairy has embarked on a plan to revive classic Stilton and this is the result. It has all the nutty, rich glory of stilton, but it also has an animally funk that can only come from raw milk.


  Country: England, United States  

American Farmhouse Cheddar
All over the US, Canada, Britain,
and former commonwealth countries

The modern style of cheddar has become a cheese in its own right, and when done well, an artisan "American" style cheddar can be an amazing cheese. The plastic or wax rind allows for extended aging with a long, slow development of a clean sharp flavor, occasional fruity notes, and a moist, toothsome texture. There are many fine makers of this style of cheese, but seek out a taste of Grafton Village's product. The vegetable rennet they use causes the well-aged cheeses to develop a slightly musty quality that balances out the sharpness and dovetails beautifully with the cream.

American Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese


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