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Gin - Part 2

Best Gin – Part 2
The Largest Tasting of Gin in the World.

The Fifty Best Gin Tasting

The Tasting:
The Fifty Best held a “blind” tasting of 62 gins with a panel of 18 judges. Traditional, London Dry and Navy Strength Gins were tasted and judged separately from the Old Tom and Barrel Finished Gins. Strict tasting rules were applied. The order of service was established beforehand by lottery. Each of the gins were poured into fresh glasses from new sealed bottles, and served at slightly above room temperature. Only ice water, neutral unflavored crackers and chips were available to cleanse the palate. The judges tasted through eight flights of 7 gins and one flight of 5 gins. There was a food break after the fifth flight.

The judges wrote down their impressions of each product on score sheets. The scoring was done on a 5-point system, with 5 as the best. Double-Gold, Gold and Silver medals are awarded according to a set range of final point scores received from the judges. There were no bronze medals awarded for this tasting. The tasting notes that follow are summaries of the judges’ opinions, with all replicated commentary eliminated. The states and countries of origin are identified for each brand.


D. George Benham's Sonoma Dry

(Graton Distilling Co., CA) 90 prf

Nose: Lime, tangerine, mild citrus, orange blossom honey, juniper, herbs, jasmine, lavender, mint, winter mint, Wrigley’s spearmint gum, pine sap, resin, smoky.
Palate: Vanilla, chocolate, custard, ribbon candy, fruity, tangerine, citrus, clover, flowers, rose petals, lavender, violet, eucalyptus, lemongrass, cucumber, wintergreen, mint, menthol, juniper, Thai basil, sweet spices, coriander, anise, licorice, Earl Grey tea, smooth, very approachable.
Finish: Citrus, lemon peel, cucumber, floral, clean herbs, grass, spearmint, anise, sweet spices, mineral, earthy, pine, woody.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

D. George Benham's Sonoma Dry Gin

Príncipe de los Apóstoles
(Argentina) 80 prf

Nose: Lime, lemon peel, lychee, celery, honey, cream, toasted butter, chocolate, cacao, Andes Mints, mint rose, mint.
Palate: Citrus, lemon peel, dried cherry, fruit gum, vanilla, rose, lavender, spearmint, peppermint, minty, menthol, spicy, tea, lager beer, pine, wood barrel.
Finish: Lemon, vanilla bean, cream, chocolate, Winter mint, Andes Mints, eucalyptus, hoppy sweet, rose, floral, mineral, smooth.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

Príncipe de los Apóstoles Gin

Tamworth Wild Hops
(Tamworth Distilling, NH) 96 prf

Nose: Citrus, orange peel, lemon marmalade, pastry, cola, vanilla, herbal, juniper, celery, spearmint, menthol, frankincense, peppery, Peking duck, almond bark, pine, woody, very aromatic.
Palate: Lemon, lime, citrus, rose, lavender, juniper, cilantro, celery seed, anise, mint, spearmint, menthol, clove, coriander, spice, hot peppers, peppery, pine, creamy.
Finish: Lemon peel, citrus, Chiclets gum, violet gum, dried violets, anise, eucalyptus, wintergreen, pink peppercorn, spicy, pepper, unaged whiskey.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

Tamworth Wild Hops Gin

(Cooperstown Distillery, NY) 80 prf

Nose: Citrus, dried cherry, burnt sugar, chocolate, spice cake, juniper, vegetal, anise, licorice, herbs, rosemary, mint, spices, pine.
Palate: Citrus, lemon peel, caramel, milk chocolate, vanilla, powdered sugar, cereal, vegetal, juniper, ginger, licorice, like sambuca, anise, mint, herbs, dried herb, cinnamon, five spice powder, spice, black pepper, spruce, wood.
Finish: Citrus, dried fruit, juniper, floral, herbs, anise, mint, minerals, creamy, soft.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

Fenimore Gin

Conniption Navy Strength
(Durham Distillery, NC) 114 prf

Nose: Lemon peel, juniper, floral, dried flowers, herbal, popcorn, caraway, spice.
Palate: Lemon curd, lemon cream, honey, juniper, violet, rosemary, almond, caraway, clove, spice, pepper, anise, mint, grassy, clean, light, delicious, sweet, dry, strong, flavorful.
Finish: Vanilla, almond, mint, saffron, spice, pink peppercorns, flavorful, firm, starts strong ends soft, smooth.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

Conniption Navy Strength Gin

(Zodiac Spirits, TX) 86 prf

Nose: Strawberry, cherry, blue raspberry, apple, blue currant, tropical fruit, pineapple, grape juice, dried cherry, dried fruit, candy, bubblegum, lemon tart, lemon cream, meringue, barnyard.
Palate: Blue raspberry, berry, pineapple, banana, citrus, lemon peel, dried fruit, lemon Gummi, candy apple, candied cherry, bubblegum, fruit gum, floral, blossom, dried violet, grassy, underbrush, cinnamon.
Finish: Cherry, blue raspberry, fruit gum, floral, mint, mineral, wet stone, barnyard.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

Horizon Gin

Greenall’s London Dry
(G&J Distillers, U.K.) 80 prf

Nose: Citrus, honey, honeysuckle, floral, rose, violet, herbs, juniper, hops, resin, pine.
Palate: Lime, citrus, orange peel, lemon zest, unripe berry, pineapple, grape, vanilla, buttery, creamy, rose, sandalwood, dried violet, juniper, coriander, herbal, mint, grassy, grain, almond, pepper, peppercorn, minerals, pine, sweet.
Finish: Melon, lemon peel, honey sorbet, juniper, grain, herbs, mint, spices, sweet, smooth.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

Greenall’s London Dry Gin

(New Basin Distilling Co., OR) 80 prf

Nose: Lemon, lime, orange oil, bergamot, honeycomb, vanilla, rose, gardenia, Earl Grey tea, lemongrass, fresh herbs, mint, menthol, almond oil, spice, pine.
Palate: Lemon, orange, pink grapefruit, citrus, cherry, raspberries, lemon curd, dusty vanilla, rose petal, elderflower, sandalwood, herbal, licorice, anise, mint, peppermint, menthol, peppercorn, green peppercorn, spicy.
Finish: Lemon, peppermint candy canes, floral, mint, anise, ginger, spicy, wet stones, talc, resin, wood.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

Stagger Gin

(Wood’s High Mountain Distillery, CO) 90 prf

Nose: Citrus, dates, lemon oil, marmalade, vanilla, violet, lavender, herbs, mint, almond, caraway, juniper, anisette, black licorice, soy sauce.
Palate: Lemon, lemon peel, pear, melon, berry, mango, vanilla, frosting, violet, lemongrass, tea leaves, herbs, tarragon, anise, juniper, black licorice, nutty, pink peppercorn, spice, peppery, pine, saline lake.
Finish: Citrus, lemon, floral, spearmint, anise, black licorice, brown spice, sweet, smooth.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

Treeline Gin

(The Hardware Distilling Co., WA) 88 prf

Nose: Lime, grapefruit, lemon peel, apple, sour melon, cucumber peel, juniper, corn, grain, barley, hay, herbs, moss, almond bark, chamomile, cardamom, cloves, spice cake, sandalwood, white pepper, new wood, pine, bark, forest.
Palate: Lemon peel, bergamot, berry, plum, vanilla, creamy, dried flowers, dried herbs, sandalwood, rosemary, grassy, eucalyptus, mint, spice, pepper, leather, soy sauce, musty, wet stone, minerals, pine, bark, smoky.
Finish: Juniper, eucalyptus, floral, herb, nutty, grain, burnt toast, tobacco, spicy, pine, woody, bark, earthy, smooth.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

R Gin

Cadée Intrigue
(Cadée Distillery, Isle of Whidbey, WA) 88 prf

Nose: Lemon, lime, rosewater, floral, dried flowers, menthol, spice, very subtle.
Palate: Vanilla frosting, lemon, lemon oil, coconut, floral, violet, sandalwood, dry hay, juniper, olive, grassy, mint, menthol, clove, anise, oily herbs, peppercorn, hot peppers, chiles, spicy, pine, soft, creamy mouthfeel, refreshing.
Finish: Creamy vanilla, creamy, juniper, violet gum, grass, hot peppers, peppery, wet stone, mineral, smooth.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

Cadée Intrigue Gin

(Ginuine Ltd, U.K.) 90 prf

Nose: Berries, blue raspberry, peach, watermelon, tropical fruit juice, dried cherry, bubblegum, Juicy Fruit Gum, Skittles Cherry, Gummi candy, Red Berry Kool-Aide, Froot Loops, cherry candy, cola, rosewater, flowery, floral, perfume, peppermint, 7-Up.
Palate: Raspberry, berry, black cherry, peach, citrus, banana, dried peaches, bubblegum, Jolly Rancher, violet gum, rose, lemongrass, mint, grassy, herbs, dried flowers, pink peppercorn.
Finish: Strawberry, pineapple, mango, tropical fruit, orange peel, fresh violet, lemongrass, mint, full flavor, dry, focused.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

Brockmans Gin

Tamworth Apiary
(Tamworth Distilling, NH) 92 prf

Nose: Cherry, stone fruit, apricot, citrus, lime, orange zest, dried fruit, celery, pickled watermelon rinds, lemon meringue, sugarcane, honey, vanilla, floral, violet, menthol, juniper, bark, Raisin Bran, soy sauce, barrel treatment.
Palate: Caramel, honey, buttery, creamy, lemon custard, fruit gum, berries, citrus, lime, melon, pickled mango, lemongrass, herbal, hibiscus, spice cake, saffron, cinnamon, spice, anise, tea, sweet.
Finish: Lemon, vanilla, honey, creamy, powdered sugar, gingerbread, flowers, coriander, juniper, sweet, smooth.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

Tamworth Apiary Gin

(Dark Corner Distillery, SC) 84 prf

Nose: Lemon, berry, honey, juniper, licorice, floral, violet, desert plants, lemongrass, lemon pepper, tarragon, coriander, mint, menthol, spicy, Earl Grey tea, pine.
Palate: Citrus, violet, eucalyptus, herbal, Earl Grey tea, wintergreen, mint, menthol, cilantro, juniper, licorice, anise, clove, coriander, spice, nutty, peppercorn, black pepper, peppery, sweet, pine, bark, woody.
Finish: Quince, dusty citrus, grain, winter mint, herbal, eucalyptus, spiced, peppercorns, cedar, resin, sweet, smooth, flavorful.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

Jōcassee Gin





Best Old Tom and Barrel Finished Gin

The Fifty Best Old Tom & Berrel Finished Gin Tasting


Battle Standard 142 American Dry
Barrel Finished Gin

(KO Distilling, VA) 90 prf

Nose: Caramel, honey, sweet honeycomb, vanilla, almond bark, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, spice, rooibos tea, amber, sweet wood, oak, spruce, woody.
Palate: Caramel, molasses, burnt sugar, honey, malty honey, sweet sap, maple, maple syrup, vanilla, fruity, floral, flowers, honeysuckle, herbal, almond, cinnamon, allspice, anise, talc, resin, rum, wood, oak, sweet, smooth.
Finish: Crème brulee, caramel, honey, honeycomb, creamy vanilla bean, vanilla, lemon, pepper, earthy, sweet, balanced, smooth.

Double Gold Medal
Double Gold medal

Battle Standard 142 American Dry Barrel Finished Gin

Waterloo Antique Barrel Reserve Gin
(Treaty Oak Distilling, TX) 94 prf

Nose: Toffee, caramel, molasses, sugarcane, honey, vanilla, lemon, lime, banana, cider, spice, bourbon, dark amber, oak, woody, aromatic, gorgeous.
Palate: Caramel, vanilla, honey, cherry, lemon, citrus, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, spice, sandalwood, peppercorn, oak, wood, sweet, smooth, balanced.
Finish: Chocolate, caramel, Juicy Fruit Gum, dried citrus, cinnamon, allspice, spice, peppery, oak, drinks well.

Double Gold Medal
Double Gold medal

Waterloo Antique Barrel Reserve Gin

Solar Spirits Barrel Finished Gin
(Solar Spirits, WA) 86 prf

Nose: Melon, dried plums, raisins, caramel, vanilla, dried flowers, attractive floral, mint, cinnamon bomb, leather, wood.
Palate: Vanilla, complex ginger, juniper, anise, cinnamon, tea leaves, mint, grass, botanical.
Finish: Honey, molasses, creamy, peppery, sweet, quality, fascinating.

Double Gold Medal
Double Gold medal

Solar Spirits Barrel Finished Gin


Stirk’s Oak Barrel Finished Gin
(The Creative Whisky Co., U.K.) 92 prf

Nose: Apple, pear, candied lemon, vanilla, pastry dough, honey, rosewater, cinnamon, saffron, spice, mint, oak, burnt wood, woody.
Palate: Caramel, honey, vanilla, dusty citrus, grapefruit, herbs, grain, mixed nuts, cinnamon, spice, licorice, menthol, minerals, resin, wood, oaky, smoky, sweet, good mouthfeel, smooth.
Finish: Honey, demerara sugar, honeydew, herbs, spice, licorice, tobacco, smoky, oak, wood, sweet, smooth.

Gold Medal
Gold medal

Stirk’s Oak Barrel Finished Gin

Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat Gin
(Caledonia Spirits, VT) 86 prf

Nose: Caramel, marzipan, honey, honey graham, vanilla, berry, violet, herbs, spices, brown spices, clove, cinnamon, salty, briny, sweet, rum-like, scotch, smoke, oak, nicely balanced, elegant.
Finish: Toffee, caramel, honey, vanilla, vanilla bean, sweet spice, anise, clove, sweet oak, smoke, smooth, pleasant, excellent dessert drink.

Gold Medal
Gold medal

Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat Gin

MINIONS Barreled Reserve Gin
(Proof Artisan Distillers, ND) 90 prf

Nose: Caramel, honey, pear, banana, apple, lemon peel, licorice, herbal, floral, mint, spice, wood.
Palate: Caramel, honey, vanilla sugar, vanilla, orange candy, lemon verbena, herbs, grassy, sweet mint, licorice, anise, nutmeg, clove, spice, peppery, oak, new wood.
Finish: Lemon, lime, juniper, sweet cream, cream soda, floral, herbs, nutmeg, mineral, oak.

Gold Medal
Gold medal

MINIONS Barreled Reserve Gin

(Proof Artisan Distillers, ND) 90 prf

Nose: Caramel, honey, vanilla, a lively flan, cinnamon sugar, smoky cinnamon, spice cake, maple, citrus, herbal, tea, mineral, wood, oaky.
Palate: Caramel, molasses, honey, vanilla, cherry candy, lemon curd, lemon, cinnamon candy, cinnamon, juniper, smoky ginger, nutmeg, herbal, mint, eucalyptus, smoky whiskey, scotch-like, bourbon-like, sweet, oak, pine, wood.
Finish: Dried fruit, brown sugar, sugarcane, creamy vanilla bean, vanilla, floral, cinnamon, Red Hots, citrus, talc, nutmeg, oak, sweet, smooth, easy.

Gold Medal
Gold medal



Driftless Glen Double Cask Gin
(Driftless Glen Distillery, WI) 117.2 prf

Nose: Lemon, juniper, caramel, honey, sweet vanilla, cocoa, Earl Grey Tea, herbal, hibiscus, Christmas aromas, spice, coffee, amber.
Palate: Lemon, bergamot, citrus, caramel, vanilla, juniper, rosemary, cinnamon, anise, pink peppercorn, whiskey, oak, wood, sweet, smooth.
Finish: Citrus, orange, juniper, honey, cream, sweet spice, floral, herbal, mint, sweet, high alcohol, dry, well done.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

Driftless Glen Double Cask Gin

Ginskey Barrel Rested Gin
(Vapor Distillery, CO) 94 prf

Nose: Caramel, molasses, candied cream, cream, vanilla, honey, melon, citrus, lemon, mint, spice, black licorice, anise, tea, Amaretto, smoke, amber, pine, oak, wood.
Palate: Caramel, creamy, vanilla, orange, dried cherry, dried fruit, floral, golden flowers, tulips, grass, eucalyptus, herbal, tea, juniper, black licorice, anise, spice, cinnamon, cinnamon candies, sweet, amaretto, bourbon, pine, wood.
Finish: Apricot, mango, citrus, lemon peel, lemon custard, vanilla, violet gum, eucalyptus, menthol, spice, tea, oak, silk, dusty, strong.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

Ginskey Barrel Rested Gin

Jōcassee Barrel Rested Gin
(Dark Corner Distillery, SC) 84 prf

Nose: Caramel, candied fruit, lemon curd, creamy, honey, honeycomb, vanilla, lemon, pomegranate, mango, dates, sandalwood, herbs, bark, oak, pine.
Palate: Cherry, pear, lemon peel, citrus, vanilla, custard, lavender, dried flowers, grassy, anise, sage, tarragon, spice, clove, oak, pine, wood.
Finish: Vanilla, floral, mint, tarragon, spice, dry, distinctive.

Silver Medal
Silver medal

Jōcassee Barrel Rested Gin



Best Gin Part 1

Best Gin - Part 1




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