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Tips for tasting Cognac

  • Use a tulip glass. Thanks to its wide bowl and narrow neck, the tulip glass concentrates Cognac’s nose and allows you to best appreciate the spirit’s subtlety and layers of aromatic complexity. The glass is also easy to hold and is great for admiring color.
  • Don’t warm a Cognac or any fine wine or spirit too much or you will accentuate the alcohol, not the aromas.
  • Swirl Cognac gently. Cognac is packed with aromas and needs less oxygen than wine for the aromas to reach your senses.
  • Put your nose close to the glass but not in it. (For the same reasons as above.)
  • Take a sip. Keep the spirit in your mouth for 2 or 3 seconds before you swallow.
  • Wait 45 seconds. You’ll experience the fullest range of flavors and aromas from about 45 to 90 seconds after sipping.


  Grade: VSOP  

Château de Beaulon

Château de Beaulon
7 yrs old
100% Folle Blanche
Triple "S" / Fois Bons
40% abv

Markedly Folle Blanche, floral, touch of geranium, candied orange and broom. Very fruity, angelica and raisin, perfectly balanced, round. Good character rarely found in a cognac of this age.

Winner Silver Medal, Brussels 2001, Silver Trophy Olympiades Vinexpo 2001.


  Grade: VSOP  


Selection Special VSOP
10 yrs old
40% abv

Refreshing floral nose, good length and no burn.

Poznam International Fair (Poland) 2000 Golden Medal, Intervins (Canada) 1999 Golden Medal, International Wine and Spirit (London) 1999 Bronze Medal


  Grade: VSOP  

Pour Moi

Pour Moi
Blend / Grand Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, and Fins Bois
40% abv

Three and a half years in the making, blended using women's palates. An ultra-luxury cognac, with no aggressive notes of wood or tobacco present. Exotic notes of buttered caramel, cocoa, rich brown spices, and a touch of pink peppercorn flavors, rounded out by an amazingly smooth and silky finish.

International Review of Spirits Award Silver Medal.


  Grade: VSOP  

Louis Royer
"Force 53"
Fine Champagne
Blend / Grand Champagne & Petite Champagne
53% abv

Lustrous amber color. Rich honeyed raisin, chocolate covered nut and fig aromas with a rich fruity full body and a long, vibrant and spicy, leather, mocha and cigar box accented finish. A fantastic VSOP that will shine in cocktails or snifters especially on the rocks.

International Review of Spirits Award Gold Medal (Rated 93 points - Exceptional), International Wines & Spirits Competition UK 2009 Gold, SF World Spirits Competition 2010 Double Gold Medal

Louis Royer Force 53


  Grade: VSOP  

Daniel Bouju
Triple "S" / Grande Champagne
40% abv

Complex and powerful characters with delicate and fine aromas. Vanilla and spicy scents.

Daniel Bouju Tradition


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