The Fifty Best – A Guide To Fine Living for Those With Epicurean Taste.

An award-winning interactive guide appealing to those who seek the finer things in life associated with gourmet dining, wine & spirits, travel, and luxury goods. Or simply, "A good taste guide to things that taste good." is frequently consulted as a well-respected reference for its original content and unbiased reviews of restaurants, wines & spirits, foods, and other topics. The website experience is informative, concise, and user friendly.

Precise Consumer Targeting attracts tens of thousands of loyal visitors every month, delivering millions of impressions throughout the year. Because of the highly focused subject matter, along with its top rankings in search engines, visitors have a definite interest in making a purchase. is designed to influence the consumer at the time when they are choosing a gourmet food to buy, deciding on which beer, wine & liquor to purchase, selecting a restaurant for a reservation, and planning on a trip for business or leisure.

Quality Audience

Affluent Adults 25-54, 45% Male and 55% Female, High HHI, dedicated wine & spirits drinkers, gourmands that dine out often, frequent travelers (2-3 leisure trips/year), and avid consumers of luxury goods.

Market Reach: Approximately 70% from the U.S. across all major DMA's, plus 15% from Canada and 15% International.

Source: Internal Surveys and Analytics, Q2 2016


Unique visitors: 250,000+ per month
Average page views per visit: 4
Total average impressions: One million+ per month

Superior Landing Pages achieves high rankings in search engines for product category-specific keywords, providing superior landing page visibility.

Examples of current search engine rankings:
Wine & Spirits:
"Best Aged Rum"
"Best Vodka"
"Best Single Malt Scotch"
"Best Blanco Tequila"
"Best Bourbon"
"Best Champagne Cocktails"
"Best Napa Cabernet Sauvignon"
"Best Cheese"
"Best Chocolate"
"Best Charcuterie"
"Best Pickles"
"Best Toronto Restaurants"
And many others...

Ad Position Options

Unlike many sites that limit banner placement to a single page, offers the option to place your ad within borders that appear on every page of the site or in a specific location. So no matter where a visitor enters site, your advertisement will be seen. offers a less cluttered environment by limiting the number of banner ads per page, which increases prominence and ensures a more effective vehicle in which to advertise your brand.

Ad Sizes

  • Leaderboard (top of page) / 728 x 90 / Expandable down to 728 x 500
  • Banner (top of page) / 468 x 60 / Expandable down to 468 x 500
  • Skyscraper (right side of page) / 120 x 420 / Expandable left to 500 x 420
  • Jumbo Skyscraper (right side of page) / 160 x 600 / Expandable left to 500 x 600
  • Full Sidebar (left side of page) / 175 x 216
  • Half Sidebar (left side of page) / 180 x 120
  • Button (left side of page) / 180 x 49





  • Restaurants
  • Wine
  • Spirits
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Design
  • Cigars
  • Entertainment
  • Run-of-Site




Section Sponsorship


Includes: Leaderboard, Jumbo Skyscraper, and Full Sidebar on every page within a section.



Ad Specifications & Requirements


Maximum file size: 25K (static banners), 30K (Flash), 1MB (video ads)

File Type: JPEG, GIF, GIF 89A (animated GIF), HTML, JavaScript, Shockwave, Flash

Link: Indicate exact URL for link

Loops: up to 5x

Animation: up to 90 seconds

Serving: 3rd party serving supported



Additional Information

Lead time: Five business days

Leaderboard & Display Ad Banner formats used throughout
Skyscraper Banners are served on a limited number of pages.

Expansion: User-initiated on click/mouseover only. The expanded area must retract to the same position as before it was opened.

No Pop-Up or Pop-Under ads will be accepted.

All rates are gross. Banner Creative & Production is not included. No setup charges.

Minimum Buy: 30,000 impressions for 1 Month.



Online Video Ads


Online Video Ads consist of:

- In-banner video, pre-rolls and companion banners
- :15 and :30 second units

- A coordinating 300x250 ad unit launches and is visible above the content space. When a user clicks “Expand”, the 300x250 unit will reappear enabling further user interaction.



Technical Specs for Online Video Ads


- Submit the Master Digital Video File or Beta tape - Video length - :15 or :30 second units max.
- Uncompressed 720x486 or 720x480 (4:3) or 16:9 QuickTime (.mov) or AVI master file
- Video Ad is clickable, please supply a click-thru URL
- Due to Flash 7 architecture, GIF images are not supported


Contact Information

For rates and availability, contact:

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