Fifty Best Fashion Designers
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Based on years in business (10 years or more), consistent overall quality of materials, dedication to their craft, and continuously bringing us original, fresh, inspiring, full collections –
The Fifty Best brings you it’s new Fashion List for Fall/Winter 2011.

- Jackie Astier


Giorgio Armani   Ralph Lauren   Karl Lagerfeld
       Giorgio Armani                      Ralph Lauren                  Karl Lagerfeld          

The Fifty Best Women's Fashion Designers


Key for "Collections"
ss: Spring/Summer   fw: Fall/Winter   pf: Pre-Fall   rtw: Ready-To-Wear   rst: Resort, Cruise
hs: High Summer   ctr: Couture

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Tue. December 20, 2016 8:06 PM - by: April Christian
Classic styles will always be important to the classic woman thank you. They are beautiful

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